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Bus Stations :

Victoria Station, Mumbai

Travelling in Mumbai is a bit of problem. It is majorly affected by distance and exceeding population. Seeing the chaotic situation, Mumbai government came out with a best solution possible.

It launched BEST - Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport .

BEST is one of the renowned Indian public transport system. Set up in 1873, BEST is a government owned organization operating largest fleet of busses. BEST is run by city's municipality as an autonomous body.

In totality, BEST has around 3, 391 busses moving 4.5 million passengers over 340 routes. Busses in general are categorized into four categories - Ordinary, Limited, Express and Special.

Ordinary buses forms the most common busses which stop at almost all the bus stops. They can be easily identified by a white route number on a black background .

Limited buses stop only at important places and skip all the minor stops in between. They have higher fare and are identified by route number in red on a white background. In 1990, many limited buses were converted into Ordinary buses

Express buses run on long distance and fares that are equivalent to Special busses but definitely have lesser stops as compared to the Limited buses.

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